CC Authorization

All American Limousine, Inc.


MasterCard & Visa (CVV2) security codes are the last 3 digits on the back of the card.
American Express(CVV2) security codes are the 4 digit code on the upper right of the front of the card.

I, the undersigned, hereby authorize All American Limousine, Inc., to charge the above listed credit card account the amount indicated on all orders I approve by fax receipt, or my signature (anyone authorized by me to sign) at the time of receipt, & that I will in good faith, make good on the above charges. I do hereby personally guarantee payment of the event of a charge-back or non-payment without just cause, by All American Limousine, Inc. My signature is proof that I knowingly submitted this credit card information as valid & true. My signature denotes that I understand & authorize personal &/or the corporate use of this credit card for future services to be rendered without any or other signatures.

I have read & understand all of the below policies of All American Limousine, Inc. on both PAGE 1 & Page 2 of this credit card authorization. I have initialized each policy to as proof of understanding.
1.) ONE OR MORE STOPS & CHARTER TRIPS: One stop in between a reservation must be within the first hour: $20.00 extra for the same city as destination & $30.00 for a different city destination. If a reservation has 2 or more stops within itself or wait time is more than 15 minutes the reservation will become a charter (hourly rate). All Charter trips are based on an hourly rate, a 3,4, or 5-hour minimum & those are consecutively in a row, not a split up time arrangement. Every 15 minutes or more of wait time will round to a full hour.
2.) NO SHOWS OR CANCELLATIONS: Airport Pick-Ups that are not cancelled 2 hours before scheduled pick-up time will be charged the rate, no gratuity, no tax. All No-Show reservations will be charged the rate, no gratuity, and no tax. If the reservation is cancelled less than 15 days before the date of service, the full amount is charged, less the gratuity, to the credit card provided. If the reservation is cancelled more than 15 days before the date of service, the customer waives only the deposit; which will be charged to the credit card provided.
3.) DEPOSITS & REFUNDS & CASH: All deposits are non-refundable if the reservation is cancelled after signing contract. If reservation is carried out, the deposit is applied after the vehicle is accessed for any damages to the interior & exterior. Upon receiving the contract or credit card authorization form, you will be charged for your deposit, usually is the first full hour of reservation. This is subject to change or discussed at time reservation is made. If paying for a whole trip in cash, all cash payments must be paid 7 days before reservation or before trip leaves pick up address. If there are discrepancies regarding the reservation, you will be credited back on the credit card you provided. We do not refund back CASH, we credit back the valid credit card you provide when holding the reservation.
4.) DECLINED CREDIT CARD POLICY: If any credit card is not able to process the needed deposit or full charge of the trip & a new credit card is needed the full amount of the trip including all tax & gratuity will be charged onto that credit card as soon as we receive a signed copy of this contract.
5.) DAMAGES & ILLEGAL/SEXUAL CONDUCT: Any damage to a vehicle(s) interior & exterior will constitute extra charges. Any disorderly or illegal conduct, including the act of any illegal act or abusive nature towards the driver, will result in a termination of the trip as is & the full amount due will be charged to your responsibility & credit card. This also includes any sexual act or conduct in the vehicle. There will be cleaning charges for any damages, interior or exterior due to these events caused by any member of the actual party in the vehicle. NO EATING OR SMOKING IN ANY VEHICLE.
6.) VEHICLE CONDITIONS: You hereby agree to be responsible for any & all damages to the vehicle caused by your self, or any member of your party. All vehicles are inspected the same day before the start time of the trip. The credit card listed here may be charged for any responsible damages. All fees are subject to change depending on the EXTENT & INTENT of damage to each vehicle. A fee of $500 will be charged for anyone who vomits inside any of the vehicles. NO SMOKING or EATING allowed in the vehicles.
7.) ITINERARY: All American Limousine Inc. requests that a full itinerary of your event at least is needed within 7 days in advance of service date, specifying exact times & locations, including exact details about which members of the event we expect to pick up. This allows for proper routing, travel times, weather & traffic variables. All American reserves the right to make recommendations / change regarding your itinerary if the times are unrealistic. If any passengers are under the age of 21 years & the itinerary is changed for any reason while en route of the actual trip, you will be charged regardless.
8.) GRATUITY& SURCHARGES: A gratuity of 20% will be added to sedan (3 passengers) trips. A gratuity of 20% will automatically be added to all limousine reservations, sedan charters & limo charters. A 10% surcharge will be added for Van or Bus reservations & all chartered sedans & limousines. There is a tax that will be added per vehicle. Sedans - $4 tax, Limousines - $8 tax, Vans - $18 tax, Buses - $58 tax.